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Holy Mackerel 1 Litre North Atlantic fish oil Jerry can.

100% Unrefined pure fish oil:
Contents, Mackerel • Salmon • Herring • Sprat • Horse Mackerel • Blue Whiting.

This fish oil is excellent for attracting and catching salt and fresh water fish.
This oil will add that extremely strong scent to your baits, lures, rubby dubby and ground baits.
It can also be used to inject dead baits moisten and soften baits and is great for soaking pellets, glugging boilies and can be added to method mix.

Holy Mackerel Fish oil is excellent for attracting species such as shark • Conger eel • Skate • Tope • Huss • Pike • Carp • Catfish • Zander and this is just to name a few!

This oil produces an extremely strong scent!

Shack well before use.
Produced in Ireland
⚠️ this oil is not fit for human consumption.

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