Blood Red 120ml

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Holy Mackerel 120ml ( Blood Red ) PIKE • CARP • CATFISH • ZANDER Winterised & PVA friendly fish oil.

This Handy pocket size bottle is perfect for all fresh water Angling.

Contents: Red Dye • Mackerel • Salmon.

Directions for use: Inject into a dead bait or use to saturate an oil sponge add to ground baits, pellets, boilies, pop-ups, stick-mix, spod mix and particles.

This Blood Red Fish oil produces an extremely strong scent and added attraction!

Shake well before use
Produced in Ireland
Warning ⚠️ Not fit for human consumption.
Warning ⚠️ This product has dye added and will cause staining of the skin and other materials with which it comes into contact.

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